Co-created by Debora Mo and Catherine Harrington

Sketch visualisation of MUSE, in its setting in Conway Hall’s lobby (pencil on paper, A5 postcard)

This site specific installation is installed in the lobby of Conway Hall from March 22 to April 25, 2020, as part of a group exhibition entitled “The Secret is Out”.

We all strive to lead creative lives but what inspires us to make artwork? What / who is your personal MUSE?

This is the question we posed to a wide number of artists.

We collected their private thoughts / imaginings as to the identity of some of their personal muses.

These private offerings – each being transposed onto a brightly coloured tissue paper – flutter and tremble with the movement of air as people walk past this sculptural artwork. This installation creates a MUSE that is monumental in its presence whilst also speaking of the delicate and transient nature of a MUSE.

Entitled MUSE, this site-specific installation will be located in the lobby of Conway Hall. It was conceived to inspire visitors to Conway Hall and participants of the Festival of Alternative Art Education, taking place on March 21, 2020.

“Library as MUSE”
Workshop connected to the MUSE installation
This workshop will be led by Catherine Harrington and Debora Mo, as part of the Festival of Alternative Art Education, on March 21, 2020. This workshop will promote creative inspiration, with a guided exercise making use of Conway Hall’s library.

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