FAKE NEWS (Kerfuffle and Sploftren)

This pair of sculptures is made from a collage of recycled materials and drawings (pastel on paper). Each sculpture is A2 size, created in May, 2019.

This artwork – Fake News – was a site-specific installation, which included two sculptures. Each sculpture embodies the meaning of a word. While one sculpture represents an actual word, the other sculpture represents an invented word. By juxtaposing the two sculptures – and the words – adjacent to each other (actual and fake), a confusion was created into what constitutes “real”.

With our opinions being shaped by news feeds and social media – many of which is invented news and intentionally misleading propaganda – this artwork playfully reminds us to be on guard as to what we take in as being “real”.

When “Fake News” was exhibited at Guest Projects Gallery, in May 2019, one visitor asked,“Are you sure that one of these words is a made up word – I am quite sure that I have seen them both before, I just can’t think of their actual meanings!”

Exhibition “PLOSIVES”
Guest Projects Gallery, May 2019

Catherine was invited to participate in this group show, which presented work prepared during a week long art residency at Guest Projects, London during May 2019.

Participating artists were asked to create artworks relating to the following description: 

Plosives – A Definition: A plosive consonant is an abrupt sound made by closing the mouth then releasing a burst of breath. The plosive consonants in English are B, P, T and D; their effect, especially when used repeatedly is to create a verbal reflection of events, items or emotions which have a harsh feel, for example anger, a car crash or a gun. They are effective when used in poetry due to the increased intensity of focused language.