My art practice centres on staging public walks and site interventions to provoke debate about our changing world


My art practice connects with my lifelong engagement with environmental, urban and social issues and is influenced by my early training as an architect.

A key focus of my art practice is staging walking art events and performative works. I am experimenting with different ways that walking “performs” and intervenes in public spaces, and how it creates a site for collective debate.

I collaborate with other artists in art projects and work with community groups, as I am keen to facilitate dialogues and engage in group discussions. My artwork and collaborations overlap with my environmental activism, with my leading and joining in collective “actions”, making banners and posters.

My art making process is research-based: I begin by amassing a collection of maps, images, texts and found objects. I develop lines of inquiry while creating story boards, drawings, collages, sculptures, installation works and video, often using found or recycled materials.

Born in Canada, I now divide my time between London, UK and Toronto, Canada.

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