My art practice connects with my lifelong engagement with environmental, urban and social issues and is influenced by my early training as an architect. The process of artmaking enables me to pose difficult questions and to explore multiple critical positions through a variety of art media. The relationship between clean, logical modes of representation and the contradictory, material conditions of our inhabited environment is a recurring theme in my work.

As a research-based artist, I initially develop a line of inquiry through amassing a collection of maps, diagrams, research articles, images, photos, images, text and found objects. With a multimedia approach, I can build on a range of expression which includes drawings, collages, sculpture, installation works and video, where found or recycled materials are often used. Though this process, I have also developed a practice based around walking as a way of facilitating a dialogue and engaging in debate. During these walks, artwork and other performative artifacts are distributed to provide a living exhibit while disseminating findings related to my research. This connection of performance within a social critique of urban spaces encourages others to engage as active participants during the guided walks and beyond.

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