Catherine Harrington‘s art practice connects with her lifelong engagement with environmental and social issues. Her working life as an architect supports her interests in land use, ecology and social justice. 

Catherine’s art making develops from a process of interpretation  of her personal archive of collected maps, diagrams, photos, images, text and found objects. Many of her works consider the relationship between clean, logical modes of representation and the risky, contradictory conditions found in our inhabited environment.

In one of her current projects, “Beneath the Surface”, she created sculptural artworks that evolved from visits to a local metalworking factory. She retrieved from the factory floor the excess metal residue that overflowed from formwork casts and reconfigured these fragments into artworks providing a commentary on fracking.

As a multimedia artist, Catherine’s artwork encompasses a wide range of expression, including 2D images, sculpture and installations.

Born in Canada, she is now based in Hackney, London.