ABOVE: Camden Centre for Learning, Architype
Catherine was the lead architect for the Camden Centre for Learning School.


The school’s fencing is an artwork undertaken in collaboration with the students:
a chain link screen with a metal “embroidery” of flowers.

Photograph is by Dennis Gilbert


Catherine’s divides her time between her intertwined interests of art and architecture.

Catherine studied fine art at City Lit, London during a 2 year course in 2016-2017. During 2017 and 2018, she developed her artwork in an independent study group under the direction of John Ros of Studio Ell, New York. Catherine’s art practice is informed by her early training and work as an architect. She studied architecture at University of Waterloo, Canada (Bachelor of Environmental Studies) and the Architectural Association, UK (Diploma Architecture, RIBA 2). She works as a senior architect and a registered Client Adviser RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) at Architype, a leading UK architectural practice.

Catherine’s experience as an architect has led to an expertise in collaboration with teams and coordinating complex design projects with schools, community groups, environmental centres and charities such as the National Trust. Catherine has been involved in teaching architectural students for many years, at a number of schools in the UK. She has been invited to lecture universities in the UK, Canada and Portugal. She is a regular visiting lecturer and critic in the Masters programme at the University of Westminster, and provides workshops annually at the Bartlett School of Architecture.



Group Exhibit at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London WC1; 22 March – 25 April 2020
Exhibit Title: “The Secret is Out”
Art Work – site specific installation co-created with artist Debora Mo entitled “MUSE”

Group Exhibit at Group Projects Gallery, Andrews Street, London E8; May 2019

Exhibit Title – “Plosives!”
Art works – Two wall mounted sculptures: “Fake News”

Group Exhibit at Ugly Duck Gallery, Tanner Street, London SE1; February 2019

Art Work – sculpture “Site Unseen: Industrial Residue Series 22”

Group Exhibit as part of the Art Licks Festival of London at Transport for London Gallery in Walthamstow; October 2018
Exhibit Title – “Hidden in Plain Sight” 
Art Work – Drawing “Circuits of Migrant Paths, UK”

Group Exhibit at Group Projects Gallery, Andrews Street, London E8; May 2018

Exhibit Title – “Respond to the Future!”
Art work – sculpture “Industrial Residue Series 01”

Group Exhibit at Espacio Gallery, Bethnal Green Road, London, E2; July 2017
Exhibit Title – “Group Works”
Art works – “Beneath the Surface” artworks in this exhibit included a site specific installation in the gallery entitled “Aerial View of Fracking Equipment”, along with Catherine’s sculptures and screenprints. See Art Project “Beneath the Surface” for exhibit photos.

“Touring Lincoln’s Inn Fields”, as part of London Festival of Architecture; July 2019
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Group Residency at Kelder Gallery, London; February 2019
Group Residency at Group Projects Studio, London; May 2018
Group Residency at Group Projects Studio, London; May 2019

Seminar provided / open to the public – at LARC (London Action Resource Centre); February 2019 – “Artist Charlotte Prodger and Geographer Doreen Massey – connecting concepts of identity”

March 2020, as part of the Festival of Alternative Art Education – Conway Hall Library in London;
“Spontaneous Inspiration: Selecting a random page from the library to create an artwork”