Catherine Harrington‘s art practice connects with her lifelong engagement with environmental, cultural and social issues. Her early training and work as an architect has activated her interests in land use, ecology and social justice. Creating artworks enables Catherine to embed social and cultural issues into the work itself, to pose difficult questions and to explore multiple critical positions. Many of her works consider the relationship between clean, logical modes of representation and the contradictory, concealed material conditions found in our inhabited environment.

Catherine is a research-based artist – her process is to initially develop a line of inquiry through amassing a collection of maps, diagrams, images, photos, images, text and found objects. As a multimedia artist, Catherine’s artwork encompasses a range of expression including 2D images, sculpture and installations, where she often makes use of found or recycled materials. Catherine has also developed an art practice based around walking. For her, this art form facilitates a dialogue and engaged debate with her audience, and the postcards of her artworks distributed during the walk provide a “live” exhibit of her work. Connecting the performing arts with a social critique of urban spaces, Catherine encourages her audience to engage as active participants during her guided art-walks.

Born in Canada, she lives in Hackney, London, and shares a studio at Bow Arts in East London. She is a regular participant in the art school alt:mfa, a peer-led alternative art school based in London, and an active member of the anti-fracking campaign group FrackOff London.